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Accurate VAT advice

VAT is a highly complex form of tax. Let us take the stress out of VAT. Our highly trained staff understands every aspect of VAT and are here to help you make accurate returns.


Whether you're looking for assistance to complete your quarterly VAT returns or you want us to review the most suitable VAT scheme for you, we have the skills and knowledge you need to ensure full compliance.


We can also help you with VAT in highly complex matters, such as buildings and development.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to register for VAT?

If your annual turnover exceeds £79,000 or you expect turnover to be higher than that amount in the next 30 days, you need to register for VAT. However, your turnover may exceed the registration threshold temporarily, in which case, you may apply for exception from registration. We can advise on your individual situation.


Should I register for VAT voluntarily?

There can be advantages to registering for VAT voluntarily. Our team of experts can advise on whether this would be of benefit to you.


Can I do my own VAT?

Although you can do your own VAT returns, VAT is a complex area and by using Stranville John, you have the reassurance of qualified professionals handling every aspect of this complicated tax.

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