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Business Advisory and Independent Financial Advice


Advice and services to help you grow your business, make more informed decisions, improve profitability and manage your personal wealth.

Stranville John clients now have access to the specialist corporate finance, business advisory and independent financial services provided by the Martin Aitken Group of companies.


This will provide clients with the added benefit of receiving a broader range of advice and services appropriate to their circumstances and outlook, whilst still maintaining the personal service Stranville John clients’ value.


The Martin Aitken Group of companies have the required expertise, skills and wherewithal to advise businesses from start-up, through the growth stages and on to becoming an established and profitable player in their market.


Allied to this, we provide a full range of wealth management, personal tax and estate and succession planning advice to individuals, company directors and partnerships to help them to plan for their future and comply with their legal and tax obligations.


Find out more about what we do and how we can help your business by clicking on the links below and opposite.



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